Carolina Polara

Carolina Polara

Carolina Polara


    Carolina Polara


    Born and raised in Florence, then moved to Viareggio, by the sea.

    I have been working in the fashion industry as a designer since I was in my twenties, and two years ago I began to carve out a space for painting as I was younger.

    To me painting and sketching is a way to free my mind and to pour on canvas all my struggles and feelings.

    When I look at my artworks again after a while I see a kind of magic and I ask to my insecure self: “Did I really do this? How was the process?”

    I love painting sceneries full of pathos and especially portraying women that I feel are “telling” me something. I like expressing and marking on canvas my universal feelings. At the same time, I also use my brushes to paint something merely abstract and symbolical, thinking that I am trying in my own way to send a message to someone.



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