Camille Hellis

Camille Hellis

Camille Hellis


    Camille Hellis

    My name is Camille Hellis and I come from France. I’m a self taught artist who loves to experiment different ways to create.

    Whether it’s on my paintings or on my digital artworks, I try to put the focus on the sensory impact through the textures, the light and the movement.

    The successions of layers, the brushstrokes, the use of mixed media are the traces of a creative process led by intuition.

    I just let it happen... Then, it’s up to the viewer to make it what they see in it. Just like when u watch the clouds and try to figure out what their shape remind you of. Or like in the Rorschach’s ink stains.

    Besides my job as a psychologist reinforces the idea that art is a way to connect to our deepest, rawest thoughts, feelings and self.



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