Camel Racing

Camel Racing

Camel Racing, 2019

110 cm x 62 cm page size,

image size 106 cm x 58 cm

Hahnemühle Paper, Baryta, signed on the back, unframed


Artist: Ursa Schoepper


    Camel Racing, 2019

    110 cm x 62 cm page size,

    image size 106 cm x 58 cm

    Hahnemühle Paper, Baryta, signed on the back, unframed


    Ursa Schoepper


    State examination in natural sciences, followed by teaching

    In addition to a simultaneous, accompanying family work of the beginning of a new higher


    University degree, studies in cultural management, focused on visual arts, new media, at

    Prof. Dr. Eckart Pankoke, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Krempel, Prof Dr. Michael Bockemühl

    Conception and realization of various projects in the field of the cultural education

    systems as cultural manager _ Conception/ Realization

    Media Award North Rhine Westphalia for Museum of Absent Images, conception and

    realization as a social network 2001

    Since 2003 experimental artist in the field of experimental fine art photography


    Station Exhibition Tokio

    2018 Artist of the Year Award, selected as a TOP 100 artist for remarkable aesthetic,

    technical and creative standard of my work, Circle Foundation for the Arts, Lyon

    2018 Nominierung für den 5. Internationalen André Evard-Award, Kunsthalle Messmer;

    Riegel a.K.

    2018 Nominierung für den Palm Award 2018

    2018 Published in the Art Compass 2018, by Ulrich Goette Himmelblau

    2018 Featured on ARTSY the Art World Online by the Gallery ArtUpclose, New York

    2017 Interview Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

    2017 Artist of the Gallery ArtUpclose, New York

    2017 In WikiArticon, freie Enzyklopädie für zeitgenössische Künstler

    2017 Affiliate Artist, CFA, Circle Foundation for the Arts, Lyon, France

    2017 In Sammlung European Art Museum, Frederiksvaerk, Denmark

    2016 published in World Wide Art Books, Current Masters II, Santa Barbara, CA 93101,


    2016 Shakespeare in Art Award, Triennale Verona, Italy

    2015 Artist at the Castle, Orsini Castle of Nerola, near Roma, Italy

    2015 awarding with the International Prize Michelangelo - Artist at the Jubilee, Rome

    2015 Certificate of Excellence, Artavita Competition December, Santa Barbara, CA,

    2015 Certificate of Excellence, Artavita Competition April, Santa Barbara, CA,

    2015 Finalist Artist For Photography Section, Premio Combat Prize Livorno, Italy

    2015 Member at artavita 411 East Canon Perdido, #12Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA

    2014 Preisträgerin Merit Award 2014, Blue Diamond Photo Award

    2013 Preisträgerin Merit Award 2013, Blue Diamond Photo Award

    2012 Preisträgerin Leonardo Award for Digital Art 2012 /International Art Award

    Chianciano 2012

    Seit 2012 verzeichnet im Art America Annual Guide vom Contemporary Art Network, New


    Seit 2010 verzeichnet im Who is Who in Visual Art, 100 Fine Art Photographers

    1989 - 2010 Mitglied der Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Kunst-und Medientechnologie,

    ZKM, Karlsruhe

    Ursa Schoepper lebt und arbeitet im Rheinland bei Bonn





    A digital photography is at the same time a light photography and a data

    image. My experimental photography artworks are representing the

    inherent not yet and at the same time shows how we always construct

    our world, photographic material seen as a process matter. I am

    developing autonomous photographic fine art works that exist as a

    virtual reality in a realistic reality. A digital photographic image is

    generated through algorithmic genetic grammar into an autonomous

    work of fine art photography.


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