Nation Insecure

Nation Insecure

Nation Insecure


Artist: Jai Mitchell


    Jai Mitchell


    (Born 1972)

    In 2014, Jai Mitchell found art therapy and used it as the pathway to a new beginning. Through his work, he came to realize that the paths that lead to fear, anxiety, depression and hopelessness are not dead ends. With the right tools and support, those paths lead to creative breakthroughs.


    Jai’s works often evoke the dark night of the soul, but it is his hope that everyone will recognize the call of that voice, and reach back out to it in its hour of need.


    In his work artist and filmmaker Jai Mitchell explores the way art allows to process past trauma, and pain and continuously explore childhood wounds laying a path towards healing and emotional resurrection. He lets us into his world and courageously shares his intimate life stories through powerful and deeply moving pieces. Jai’s art shocks, inspires and lifts a veil into his soul and invites us to feel: both pain and joy from connecting to that raw core of the toughest and the most beautiful part of our being.


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