Bruno Planade

Bruno Planade


    Bruno Planade

    Plastic artist, born in 1965 in France. Lives and works in Clermont-Ferrand. A fashion designer by training, Bruno Planade collaborated very quickly with companies in the textile sector before becoming passionate about digital design. In 2014, he devotes himself to creativity techniques, in search of a new graphic alphabet and returns today to traditional media (canvas, paper...) but on which he reinvents his sensibility.


    By turning away from figurative painting, his techniques and iconography which are sometimes too restrictive, he creates his own tools and his own feeling. He chooses the body as a medium for its capacity to make explicit the deep energy of a work and the movement. Bombarded daily with images, colours and acronyms, our animality is confronted with innumerable representations with the addiction of moving quickly from one to the other. This overflow of visuals mixed with the intensity of modern life takes shape through passionate expressions inscribed in a spontaneity of movement. It is not a question of identifying a landscape or recognizing an object, but rather of creating a visual experience and feeling emotions... one's own emotions.


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