Blue Peacock

Blue Peacock


Blue Peacock-2020

Acrylic with gold metal flakes 70x100 cm


Blue Peacock


“When I was a child I often spent time in my grandmother's atelier, here I lost myself in her world of colours and art.


One day I found a feather of a peacock, and in that very moment my love for this magical bird emerged.


I kept the peacock feather throughout the years, and when I look at it the feelings come back to me, those magical moments of my childhood memories…


Here It all started, the true path to follow. The path of my heart.


This painting is inspired by the eye of the peacock, this masterpiece painted by nature like a bright eye, an ocean...”


Artist: Anna Sophia Rydgren ARYART


    Blue Peacock-2020

    Acrylic with gold metal flakes 70x100 cm


    Anna Sophia Rydgren ARYART


    Art is silent poetry


    Artist Anna Sophia  Rydgren, born 1972 in northern Sweden, is now living in Stockholm, where she also has her studio and runs ARY ART.

    Color and form have always been  a part of her life and she has always drawn and painted. She grew up in a artistic home where creation has been  a natural part of life in the form of painting, clay, sewing, weaving.

    As young,  Anna Sophia  attended a number of artschools and focused on the studies in the art of painting and croquis.

    She has lived and worked abroad for a number of years, but is now back home in Sweden and will work on her own creations.

    Anna Sophia  mainly  paints with larger brushes in acrylic and liquid  ink, but uses  other techniques as well ,such  as palette knife and sponge, she also uses  watercolors and oil crayons.

    She likes to paint in abstract and modern minimalistic form and she is inspired by bodies and faces as well as simple organic forms from nature.

    Structures in simplicity are something Anna Sophia  is fascinated by and her works often go in grayscale as well as neutrals and pastels. The work is often flowing and intuitive on emotion.

    She wants to give the viewer a sense of calm and harmony.

    The future holds  plans  for a number of exhibitions, and her art is also attracted abroad by a number of interested collectors and galleries.



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