Blooming Dream

Blooming Dream

Blooming Dream, 2020, oil on canvas (diptych), 40” x 80”, (101cm x 203cm)


Rising from a ‘feeling pink’ afternoon, I began painting the left canvas live on Facebook. The second canvas, also live on Facebook, took on more energy as the woman of Light appeared. The painting went silent for a month. The Creator began speaking again through patterns of light and shadow cast by early morning sunlight onto the canvases. I followed this thread of inspiration by painting them in with layers of fluid glaze. Over a period of several days, the canvases developed a radiance I’d not seen in my previous works. The round flowers represent moonflowers, which bloom at night signifying the power of dreams into reality. After I painted part 2 live on Facebook, I received a message from a viewer. Tears burst from my face as I read her message.


Artist: Dorothy Fagan


    Blooming Dream, 2020, oil on canvas (diptych), 40” x 80”, (101cm x 203cm)


    Dorothy Fagan


    Dorothy Fagan began using her chakra-aligned palette on a plein air artist residency in Dinan, France in 2013. In France and on subsequent trips to Italy, she followed intuitive nudges and dreams to explore the intersection between men and divine. Her newest landscapes take us to the edge of dreams with ethereal light and symbolic imagery. Fagan holds a BFA in Printmaking and Painting from East Carolina University and completed a mentorship in American Master Painting with Robert Bowers Mayo. Fagan has exhibited at the Pastel Society of America, Pastel Society of Canada, the American Artists Professional League. Her works are collected by Musee de La Grande Vigne, France, Longwood University Art Museum, City University of New York, and numerous private collectors.


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