Blooming again is only a matter of time

Blooming again is only a matter of time

Blooming again is only a matter of time


Two years ago Ravit's life has dramatically changed.

The cancer caught her off guard when she was in full bloom, "a super woman" according to her definition. As a real super woman, she managed to overcome cancer. However, in the process of coping with the disease, the cancer has been transformed into a chronic disease.

In my conversations with Ravit, I always get the feeling that she is continuing to maintain a glimmer of hope. She shared with me her old dream of being a dancer, therefore I have decided to paint her daughter in a dance movement. Indeed, the head is leaning down in the painting, but the hands are raised upward as if striving to growth… The whole body posture of the dancer seems to be parallel to the flower with its stem and buds.

In my vision, while observing nature, we absorb the inspiration and reinforcement towards optimism. In nature we see a cycle of blooming, that occurs every time anew. Even in a period of fall, it is known that the flowers will bloom again when the time comes….

The buds also seems like they envelop a hidden dream which will be exposed when the time comes…..

Blooming again is only a matter of time!


Artist: Nirit Gilad Ovadia


    Blooming again is only a matter of time


    Nirit Gilad Ovadia

    Since I remember myself, I love painting….

    I graduated both at "Wizo" arts high school at Haifa, my hometown in Israel (known today as the "Reut Art school") and at "Wizo academic center, Haifa" following 4 years of studies in graphical design.

    Although I've been exposed during art studies to various painting techniques, I finally remained faithful to my own technique, through which I taught painting afterwards.

    My painting style is realistic and implemented by multiple thin layers. My focus in details enables me to "accurately" communicate my personal experience.

    I truly love painting nature and landscapes, yet, the "human landscape" fascinates me in particular, since through portrait one can observe the inner human's world.

    I continuously look after the story behind every sight I encounter, aiming to perpetuate it through painting.

    I really like the idea of harnessing the art for meaningful purposes, and aspiring to make it an aid to people who need it.

    I believe that art can be a powerful tool in conveying messages and raising awareness of significant topics.



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