Birgit Weinerth

Birgit Weinerth

Birgit Weinerth


    Birgit Weinerth


    I’m a German artist who was born in Speyer in 1963.


    Art is an immersion into another fascinating and mysterious world.

    Art is like a journey that breaks the routine of everyday life and changes it into something special and unique.

    Art is my constant companion!


    My grandfather, himself an artist, passed his creativity on to me. Thus, from the beginning, creativity has become an asset for my life’s journey.

    On this journey I have met many renowned artists who have helped me expand my skills.

    Everything that I have been taught and I achieved has given me an immense dynamic, which is evident in my expressive acrylic paintings, both in the composition and in the choice of colors.

    Many works are created freely and spontaneously. I am not only proficient in pure acrylic painting, but also work with other materials and various techniques on the canvas that give my work depth perception and three-dimensionality, which in turn creates extremely powerful motifs.

    On the other hand, my figurative works, which I create in a modern way, almost seems to be the opposite.



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