Berry da Live

Berry da Live

Berry da Live, 2020, 100 x 120cm, Oil on canvas


Artist: Bolli Blas


    Berry da Live, 2020, 100 x 120cm, Oil on canvas


    Bolli Blas


    My work conveys abstract ideas in a simple manner. I am interested in emotional impact and want to put across my values and beliefs and at the same time force others to question their own. I work mainly with large oil on canvas pieces. Many of my paintings feature wide-eyed characters which I call Bollis. They look right back at the viewer, representing eyes as windows of the soul, holding a mirror to modern society. The philosophical concepts, combined with simple, cheerful representation create a very personal universe searching emotional reaction in the viewer.

    Through my art, I want to change the world by representing my vision of utopia, a place where ethnicity and backgrounds don’t matter, where we are all the same, equal, where there is no prejudice, hatred or war. I paint people of all colours and sexual orientations. There are no rules. Jesus can be a woman, cheerfully partying through the night. Lesbians, gay, black, white, poor or rich... we are all the same and we all deserve a place in the world of art.

    My art is inspired by the street art, crafts and small galleries I saw on my travels everywhere from Guatemala to Peru and Zambia as much as the established artists in MOMA.

    Bollis have been exhibited in NYC, Miami, Toronto, London and Nice and will be shown in more places in months to come.



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