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Belle Roth

Belle Roth


    Belle Roth


    Belle Roth’s art is influenced by her approach to life, social issues, and experiences.

    In Belle Roth’s Memphis, Tennessee studio, process and media are fortified by 20th-century abstract expressionist vernacular, and impressions from her Philippines upbringing, travels, and interactions with diverse cultures.

    Belle Roth varies structures of golden noble metals and contrasting black that symbolize memories of the class divide she witnessed at a young age. This served as her personal goal related to advocating for equality and respect.

    She is inspired by architecture and simple lines that don’t conform to standard shapes or forms. Abstract art excites her, as a simple line or shape with the right stroke of a tool, can offer unlimited possibilities and meanings.

    Her signature is a “misplaced splishy-splash of color, an intentional unfinished mark” that reminds her that imperfections can express something meaningful.

    Belle is represented by galleries in New York – USA, Rome, Florence- Italy and Lisbon- Portugal.


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