Belle et fofolle - (Beautiful and crazy)

Belle et fofolle - (Beautiful and crazy)

  • « Belle et fofolle » (Beautiful and crazy)


50 x 65 cm

Acrylic paint on canvas, newspaper collage and Posca felt pens


Artist: Audrey Schintu


    Audrey Schintu


    My name is Audrey Schintu, I’m 36 years old and I was born in Marseille, in the South of France.

    Passionate about drawing and painting since I was a little girl, I have copied children’s book illustrations since I was in preschool... And yes, I started early!Nevertheless, it took me a long time to mature my ideas and find my own way to paint and draw ..., my way to express myself, my way to associate lines, shapes and colors.

    Currently, we feel more and more negativity in society and I don’t want to waste my time denouncing it and locking myself up in a dark world filled with inconsistencies. I just want to highlight, to color, to convey good humor and pleasure.

    Today I can present my colorful painting in a spirit of optimism and joy, which mixes Pop Art and Graffiti, revealing a dynamic and spontaneous line that I call my «visual vitamin».


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