Beguiled (fox on head)


40x40” archival pigment print on bamboo paper



Beguiled in short, is a self portrait. I deal with my body in ways that hide my face. A question I have, is wether or not these sentient beings are “self aware”.


Artist: Philip Kanwischer


    Philip Kanwischer


    I have been exploring human/animal relationships photographically in my art practice for the past four years. I also worked with wild animals photographing and enacting in different encounters with foxes, wolves, caribou and bears, to name a few, observing their behaviours while being mindful of how they see me. My goal has never been to take beautiful photographs of wildlife in their natural environments; it is to construct visual commentaries through compositing realistic, probable, and problematic interactions between wildlife and humans. Using the unspoken communication I feel with wildlife to anthropomorphically advocate for their territories, I am shedding light on the philosophy of the moral status of animals and environmental politics, transitioning this dialogue into the gallery space.


    All my work is created using “photo bonding” a term I created while at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. In place of Photoshop, photo bonding refers to the mending of images and the “bonding” between me and my animal subjects.



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