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Beate Weber


    Beate Weber


    My name is Beate Weber, I was born as the first child of four children in Germany on March 15, 1958th After graduating from high school and my apprenticeship as a Commercial-workers, I worked in the operation of my husband, I married 1980th We have 2 sons. I've always painted, but it had repeatedly given for professional reasons, I have trained in my job, now I run our business together with my husband. Friends and acquaintances have to paint me always prompted ,, I've even made a few years ago. Through painting I can get away from it and put myself into a frenzy, in a journey of my inner.


    I would hope that my paintings appeal to people...


    I would hope that my paintings people say something while looking at...


    I would hope that my paintings new owners get the enjoy you...


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