Title: Balance
Size: 30x30 cm
Technique: acrylic


Starring a painting called “ Balance “. To explain briefly the painting Balance. Balance can principle be described as having the appearance of essentially being a muse, summarily, collecting the paintings. Meaning the paintings together, which she has overall painted and also paints. It is a serene girl with her own ascended attitude. Balance is a black and white painting with a narrowed slim golden line which depicts the balance of life. As one of her “ first” endeavour paintings in the set of commencement of publishing her paintings. Balance is explained to have been the painting which she came across, happening to instinctively publish.


Artist: I-Vanessa Rumstajn


    I-Vanessa Rumstajn



    I-Vanessa Rumstajn - Sweden - a painter which paint in an abstract spectra. Paintings which contains vivid, abstract figures which human likely are. Mainly, she paints with acrylic colours, sometimes using aquarelle.


    Her inspiration primarily comes stemming from within, street culture and Greek mythology.

    The expressly importance she finds, is to be working with colours and lights. For the colours and lights to enhance its ambience of the paintings for what is concealed and also appearing.


    Now, grateful she is, to be exhibiting at M.A.D.S Gallery in Milano, participating in the exhibition “ Gaia - The Origin “.

    She has been exhibiting in places such as Sweden, (2019) Dubai, New York, Italy-Venice-Tuscany, previously ( 2020 )virtual exhibition at her own website , and (2021) virtual exhibition in February.


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