Bags and Boxes

Bags and Boxes

 „Bags and Boxes“photo collage


Artist: Kirsten Niegel


    Kirsten Niegel


    Painting, drawing, creative design and photography have been some of my favourite activities since my childhood.

    Due to self experimentation and participation in creative workshops I got to know many different techniques (e. g. Encoustic Art, Alcoholic Ink, Acrylic Pouring etc.) which I am now combining.

    Collages have always fascinated me, whether they have a realistic or surrealistic/abstract background.

    Every artwork is the base for a new artwork. What does this mean?

    I modify the original photo with the tools of a photo program, especially colour and light effects but also image details. The results are different pictures, showing the same scene but in a completely different mood.

    Combining all these single photos in a new photo collage I receive an interesting pattern.

    Besides the mixed material collages in the first step I also discovered that especially simple („boring“) things like a teapot or a salt shaker can be set into a completely new artificial scenery by colour and light effects and reveal an extraordinary pattern.



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