Autumn dream

Autumn dream

Title: Autumn dream

Size: 100 x 80

Year: 2020


The canvas are of the high quality cotton fabric. The wooden frame is self made of the big old Norwegian spruce growing nearby.

The same material is also used for a floating frame as the final finish to the painting for them who wish to by painting with frame.

The colors I use are professional Amsterdam and Golden brand with high pigment concentration which means that they will not fade over time.

Sides are paint to mach the painting.

The picture is also protected with UV varnish against light fade and dust.

Ready to hang.


Artist: Leokadia Anna Tominska



    Title: Autumn dream

    Size: 100 x 80

    Year: 2020



    Leokadia Anna Tominska


    Intuitive and by heart abstract hobby artist based on the beautiful West Coast of Norway.

    I am originally from Poland living in Norway since 1981.

    This year I have regained my old passion and express myself by painting. I use mixmedia techniques on acrylic paintings such as brushes, spatulas, knives, tissue paper. Alternates between landscape spaces and abstract, warm and cold tones.

    I have a lot to tell through the pictures, so sometimes there is also a little poem to them.

    The ideas come to me on a conveyor belt, sometimes just by colors, tones or moods. I observe the local environment, people and nature to understand the interplay between them. This in turn gives me intuitive, suggestive and emotional expression.

    Describes myself as an intuitive abstract hobby artist.

    I’m happy!



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