Atsuko Yamamoto

Atsuko Yamamoto

Atsuko Yamamoto


    Atsuko Yamamoto

    Atsuko Yamamoto was born in Oita , Japan.

    She is instructed by the painter Tsune Tamura's painting laboratory for about 10 years from elementary school to high school. At his painting laboratory, she learned the importance of being honest and sincere with picture

    screen. Also, she was able to enjoy the courage and joy of changing the picture until it was satisfactory.


    She went to the field of economics at the university, then got a job at a company, and for a while she was away from painting picture. After marriage and childbirth, the willingness to create comes to mind while raising children.

    Since 2004, she has started painting classes for children, and has given children the joy of creating and painting what she had tasted as a child.


    Learning anthropology and interested in Goethe color theory and Steiner color theory. In 2006 and 2007, She invited the painter Daniel Moreau to hold a “Season Class” workshop on light and color.

    She was greatly influenced by Daniel Moreau in the relationship between light and color, and the relationship between light and objects. Goethe's words "Color is the act of light and suffering" became an important keyword for the subsequent production.


    In 2007, She entered Kyoto University of Art and Design, and further delved into her own theme (the relationship between light and color). Also, there are opportunities to use various painting materials in university classes, and until then, her work has changed from oil painting to water-based painting. She chooses the base materials and art materials that best suit the image of texture.


    She received a Bachelor of Economics from Hiroshima University and a Bachelor of Arts from Kyoto University of Art and Design. "





          2018    Group Exhibition       Gallery Yamashita , Kyoto ,Japan

          2016    Group Exhibition       Gallery Yamashita , Kyoto ,Japan

          2014    Group Exhibition       Gallery Yamashita , Kyoto ,Japan

          2014    Award for Excellence    Kyoto University of Art and Design Graduation Exhibition


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