Asuka Ripple

Asuka Ripple


    Asuka Ripple

    When I was a kid I liked drawing, but I have no artistic knowledge.

    I am interested in music in my twenties and am working in a restaurant while doing a little activity of an amateur rock band. I met Spray Art last November at an event with my favorite musicians. That's just amazing! I just thought. Then in December I had a second encounter. The glasses suddenly broke the day before, so I went to make them after work. Then, when I went out, the spray artist performed a street performance with music. When I saw it, my heart became hot and my tears fell. I think there is a message for things that affect your emotions. "You can do this. Do it!" I felt like someone was pushing my back. End January 2020, I started spray art. It's still a short history.

    This is the first exhibition. I have no knowledge or experience, but I would like to express the emotions and scenery that spring up in my heart. I'm happy with the new possibilities and the start.



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