Ascending Into the Future

Ascending Into the Future

Ascending Into the Future


Acrylic on canvas

Artist Limited Edition Giclee available at sizes 24"x 32"or smaller down to 8"x 10".


A part of the artist’s sales proceeds will be donated to programs supporting breast cancer care.


Artist: Leni Acosta Knight


    Leni Acosta Knight


    Leni Acosta Knight is a symbolist artist based in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. She effectively combines abstract expressionism and classical realism rich in philosophy and poetry.

    After withdrawing from a college scholarship for fine arts, Leni worked as a business consultant and extensively traveled 15 countries throughout the world. She also specialized in the production of multi-media projects that were distributed worldwide and events focusing in visual and performing arts. Now 35 years later, she returns to her true passion which is to create art with emphasis in symbolism. She is keen in using many types of media including acrylic, oil, watercolor, graphite, charcoal and digital art. Her unique pieces focus more on subjective meanings than on structured genres. Similar to a symbolist poet, rather than directly declare, she attempts to give the viewer silence to form their own imaginings and evoke distinct emotions from the subtle images in her artwork. Leni has devoted her time as a full time artist and is dedicated to help worthwhile humanitarian projects through her art.


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