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Art blows our brains

Art blows our brains - 100x90cm Acrylic, sand, tire bulbs,string, spray painting, tire calibration plumb, mached recycled paper mixed with acrylic on canvas 2018


Artist: Paulo Jorge Saraiva


    Art blows our brains - 100x90cm Acrylic, sand, tire bulbs,string, spray painting, tire calibration plumb, mached recycled paper mixed with acrylic on canvas 2018


    Paulo Jorge Saraiva


    Paulo Jorge Saraiva Da Silva Born on July 3, 1974, in Possacos, Municipality of Valpaços in Trás os Montes. During the studies of Agronomy, I dedicated myself to the stage set of Theater where I realized several Decors for the "Mise en Scene" of Several representations of Theater in the Cultural Association and Sports of Possacos from 1985 until 1999. -Bourgeois gentilhome de Moliere- Christmas tales and other popular works. My work has been used for some years for the respective representations of representations. In 1990, depart for Paris, where I studied Architecture, Decoration and French Culture. In 1992, I attended the course of Olivier Debre, Professor of Fine Arts at the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris. Being a very attentive person to everything that surrounds me, in me came the inspiration to dedicate myself to the expression of situations and moments of and in life. In 2000,Washington DC USA, working for the Kenedy Center for Performans and Arts, in the department of lighting and decor (mise en scene). Dedicating myself to artistic painting: 2001 - Exhibition (Dance, acrylic on canvas) - Toro Mata, Washington DC, USA. 2001 - "JOY" Prize, painting contest, no Convention Center, Washington DC, USA. 2001 - Charitable - auction sale, destined to Whitman Walker Clinic, Virginia, USA. Charity fund-raising work in support of blood disease, action led by the Whitman Walker Clinic 2002 - Exhibition (Vortex, acrylic on canvas) - Long View Gallery, Washington DC, USA. 2003 - Exhibition (animals, ink from china on paper) - Watergate Gallery, Washington DC, USA 2004 - Charitable - auction sale, destined to Helen Hayes Institut, Virginia, USA. Charity fund-raising work for blind artists, action led by Helen Hayes Institut. 2006 - Realization of ball pen works on paper - Paris. 2010 - Exhibition (landscapes d'Auverge, acrylic on blackboard) - Private room, Aurillac, France. 2011 - Sculpture, paper mache - direct sale in atelier (private sale), Paris. 2012 - Charitable work - Oeuvre Falret, sale auction run by the Cornet cabinet of Saint Syr, Paris. Charity fund-raising work for ill-treated ladies, headed by Oeuvre Flaret and Cornet De Saint Syr, Paris. 2014 - Accomplishment of works in acrylic on canvas, oil on canvas, paper mache sculpture, Paris. 2016/2017 - Exhibition and direct sale in Atelier (private sale), Paris. Work in acrylic on canvas, mixing mache paper and applications, worked on the spatula. 2018 - Exhibitions in project, Lisbon and Paris. 2018- EUROPEAN ART MUSÉUM, Arresødalvej 4, Vinderød 3300 Frederiksværk Denmark 2018- ART SHOPPING PARIS, Carrousel du Louvre (AAAGP Gallery) Most of my works are made of recycled material, and they are in private collections and institutes, in the United States in several states, England, Espalha, France, India, Italy and Portugal.