50x70x1,5 cm


Artist: Lerox Maze


    Lerox Maze


    My name is Lerox Maze. I am a young artist from Germany with swiss-australian origin who specializes in acrylic pouring, my paintings are cast on a canvas with a mixture of vinyl glue and Acryl colours.

    I like to experiment with different colors and castings, my pictures fall within the realm of modern abstract art, I like to develop things that did not exist before and invent my own ways of experimental painting.

    I like to accept custom orders to initiate new things to expand my skills and learn by implementing the wishes of my customers.

    I have been dealing with the subject of art for a long time and because of my joy of experimentation I came to pour- on -acrylic designs, now I have been practising this for a while and embody feelings, experiences as well as moments of timelessness in my pictures.



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