April Sky

April Sky

April Sky - 16 x 20 inches oil on stretched canvas wrapped exclusively fingerpaint


Artist: Sylvia Scianname


    April Sky - 16 x 20 inches oil on stretched canvas wrapped exclusively fingerpaint


    Sylvia Scianname


    The Canadian artist Sylvia Scianname was born May 25th 1965 to Italian immigrant parents in Montreal, Quebec.   She is an oil finger-painting artist who is now based in Toronto, Ontario.

    Raised during a time where computers, ipads, and cell phones did not exist ,as a child, when weather did not permit, you would find her quietly lying on the basement floor deeply immersed in drawing, coloring and sketching. This provided an intensely pleasurable emotional outlet for her to release any energy or feelings that as a child could not be expressed in words.

    A self taught artist , Sylvia has been passionately fingerpainting  for the last  5 years and has created a body of work of over 200 paintings during this short period of time.  To add to this phenomena, Sylvia is a full time office worker and has been for the last 20 years in the corporate world and paints only on weekends. She has sold to over 1000 clients both for private and public collections worldwide. Her love, passion, and tireless need to create is what sustains, inspires and drives her to produce. Her work has been compared to such masters as Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

    Her paintings are an intricate representation of emotional release tinged with childhood imagination. Her tendency to magnify color enhancing the familiar mirrors the essence of pure love found in cradling a newborn. In each stroke of her finger on the canvas there is gratitude for being blessed to have held the hand of her mother while saying farewell forever and longing to see her once more. Each piece in it’s totality captures the transformation of the soul as she is guided on her journey of spiritual awakening. Finally, her paintings are an answer to a calling that long awaited to be born.

    "Without brushes, but rather , using, fingers, palms, and sometimes wrists too, my art  doesn't need explanation to enjoy, for it is pleasing to children as much as it is to adults. All my paintings accentuate what is dazzling, stunning, and even overwhelming about the natural world capturing hidden beauty onto the canvas. I am inspired by the paintings of Monet, Rembrandt , and Botticelli.

    I immerse mind, body and soul, where all time stands still, into my finger painting  technique which involves a wide spectral of colorants, usually using many different oil colors into a single piece. Most of my paintings have texture to them, adding a certain life of their own to it.  They come alive portraying  a wistful yet vibrant world – a more amplified and tantalizing type of reality. I want  my paintings to be a  magnification of the familiar.  Painting how I feel, from the heart, where the rules of perspective and basic art conventions are sometimes ignored.

    Whether I am painting landscapes, a seascape, a figurative piece, florals  or sunsets, My large body of work is a celebration of honest  impulsiveness implementing a palette of colorful expression provoking emotions in all my paintings.

    My finger painting has reaped respect from clients, family and friends and the rewards of their recognition is found by my paintings hanging lovingly in their cherished homes.  

    Ultimately, I consider my work to be a merriment of life; wild, elusive, stunning, mystical and always changing."



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