Apodictic obscurity

Apodictic obscurity

Title: Apodictic obscurity

Technique: Mixed media acrylic and oil pastel

Size: 75 cm x 90 cm


Artist: Mary Yamine


    Mary Yamine


    Mary Yamine was born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on the fall of October 12. I found myself at a very young age exposure to many different cultures, ethnicities, traditions and religions. Traveling extensively has in turn opened my eyes to a wide range of discovery to Art. Living between Paris, California, United Arab Emirates and finally Lebanon. I studied Interior Architecture then shifted to fine arts at the Lebanese American University which I have always longed for in the first place. Least to say, in continuous search of knowledge and inspiration. Yet, in confrontation between rational and passion.

    My artwork has doubt in a human’s sense of being. It clearly embodies the duality of life and the phases that an individual experiences throughout their existence. Just like an oblivious child throwing a rather complicated question. My paintings bring forth deep seated emotion in each specific stroke or shade. Embodies layers upon layers of colors, each of them alive, breathing and morphing into a story. Painting for is an out of body experience. It is my conversations with the universe, and connecting with the Creator.


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