Anne Darby Parker

Anne Darby Parker

Anne Darby Parker


    Anne Darby Parker


    Charleston native Anne Darby Parker’s talent and curiosity was sparked as a child, knitting at the knee of her mother and grandmother. A career in photography evolved into further artistic study, revealing a passion for painting. Along her journey, Anne has consistently built her skills in the visual arts and currently pursues her MFA at Academy of Art University. Anne paints daily in her Sullivan’s Island studio, en plein air and in weekly figurative sessions.



    Artist Biographical Statement

    The characteristics natural to Anne Darby Parker are the outdoors, femininity, and spontaneity. Growing up, women working to maintain their beliefs, cultural rituals, and daily way of life surrounded her. For Anne, life in the Lowcountry was, and still is normal.

    Growing up on Sullivan’s Island, a barrier island in South Carolina, USA, made areas where sand meets water Anne’s preferred place. Her expression often reflects the spontaneous and rhythmic movement of island life. She was surrounded by a culture of making, creating, and expressing; her first medium was yarn. Sometimes, while painting, thoughts of knitting help her translate thoughts of connecting lines and color.

    As an artist, Anne thinks about the legacies left by women before her, legacies of hard work, mindfulness, strength, change, and progress. She works with the knowledge that every doodle, sketch, photograph, and painting influence her legacy. She expresses resilience and faith in herself and trust in others because she believes they will see value in her art.

    As a young adult, Anne worked as a photographer but felt the call to express herself differently. At first, she painted on her photographs but decided to move completely to the canvas. The island and the feminine always call her to explore the connection between them.

    Returning to her roots, Anne and her husband raised their children on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, USA. Anne’s studio immerses her in the island environment and allows family and friends to see women consistently using art to express and explore strength.

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