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    Anna Pavlova



             I am a self-taught artist from the city on the Neva, St. Petersburg.  Since childhood, I have shown a special love for art, drawing and sewing.  My parents wanted me to study music and tried to convince me in every possible way that “an artist is a poor profession”.  I studied music, piano, singing in a church choir, but at the same time painting and drawing gave me much more pleasure than anything else.  It was my hobby.  When I turned 16, I had to go to university and choose a profession, but I don't like doing anything as much as drawing ?!  I did not graduate from art school, like other applicants, I just came and showed my work, they were highly appreciated, and I entered the university.  There I developed with pleasure as an artist and as a designer, took part in St. Petersburg events for artists and designers.  Graduated from the Department of Costume Design in 2013.  After graduating from university, I worked as a costume designer, drew sketches for Latin American dances, and also worked as a fashion designer.  In 2015 I got married and moved to Germany, here I was inspired by the beauty of nature, local well-groomed parks and streets, an abundance of flowers.  I started to paint in watercolor and oil techniques.  In 2019, I met local artists and began to take part in the Homberg Artists Union.  In July 2020, I took part in the virtual exhibition «Homberg Meeting of Artists» (26.Homberger Künstlertreff).


    My arts

          The art associated with paints allows me to convey my love for the objects that I depict in my paintings.  What I paint is what I love, what inspires and fascinates me, I enjoy the process.  And I think that it heals and it is worth surrounding yourself with exactly those things that carry positive energy.

           My paintings are a reflection of my positive feelings and emotions, motivating what people lack so much in this world full of aggression and pain.  A round canvas is the absence of sharp corners,like a boundless image, a person looking at a round image does not feel aggression, but rather plunges into what is written on the canvas, and nothing more.



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