Anita Ognjanovska

Anita Ognjanovska

Anita Ognjanovska


    Anita Ognjanovska


    Anita Ogjanovska is a Macedonian artist that lives and works in Skopje.

    She had worked as a colourist on the animation film “Facade”, аwаrded with Golden Medal “Golden Diogen” for animated film.

    She’s participated in several solo and group exhibitions:

     “Life”: on 6 March, 2015 at the Home of Culture in Kavadarci, Macedonia. (solo)

    “Deepness”on 28 February, 2019 at the NLB Gallery in Skopje, Macedonia. (solo)

    She will participates on the Art Fair in Marbella, September 2020, represented by the Van Gough Gallery in Madrid.

    “On my internal impulse and painting ritual I could say that, when I paint, I do not have a precise plan. I start and I paint spontaneously. It all happens in a moment, fast and passionately. Emotions carry me and I never know where they will take me. I simply paint what I feel. I surrender myself to the joy of painting and the sense of freedom. It all happens in a moment - an experience turned deep memory coming out of the deepness. That is my spontaneous, yet deeply intimate world. I am transcribing my emotions directly on a canvas and my artistic expression is always associate with the surroundings by seeking art in myself. I attack the canvas with a reach tonal scale and a strong contrast. I throw colors freely on the canvas, they merge and penetrate the space in an uncontrolled eruption.”


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