Ancient flower - 1

Ancient flower - 1

Title:   Ancient flower - 1

Year:   2019

Tech:  Acrylic on japanese paper on board

size:    899x899 mm


Artist: Kazumi Nakane


    Kazumi Nakane


    Born in Kumamoto, Kazumi Nakane studied graphic design at Joshibi University of Art and Design in Tokyo.

    After graduation she made steady progress in her painting and has established an international reputation with numerous collective and solo exhibitions in many countries including Japan, Korea, Spain,Paris, Germany, and Serbia.

    Through her materiality, colors, and forms, Nakane creates a unique and distinctive world full of life.

    She feels the radiance of life in its various stages: seeds germinating, flowers blooming, plants bearing fruit.This is her inspiring force. Seeds, flowers and fruit are so meaningful: through their powerful forms and deep colors she wish to convey the energy of life in my own expression.



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