Amelia García Escoda

Amelia García Escoda

Amelia García Escoda


    Amelia García Escoda

    Terrassa (Barcelona) 1968

    I began developing my artistic work in 1994

    I taught drawing and painting classes at the school of fine arts, of which my husband, the sculptor Javier Sanz, is the founder and director. I also performed organizational and management work.

    This cultivated my artistic experience, giving form to my essence and personal work.

    With time and experimentation, my work has gained power and technical strength. The years at the helm of the company and family life have partially delayed my artistic development, but have consolidated a basis without which I would not be what I am today as an artist.

    The decisive point of my career began in 2018 with the help of a person who trusted my ability from the beginning, teaching me and valuing aspects of my work that I was not aware of myself, contributing a new vision and giving me such confidence that I could get through all the obstacles that I had imposed on myself in painting and in life. Teaching me that all these limitations are only enriching + positive aspects in my life and artistic work.

    This year has been marked by a lot of work, effort, commitment and loyalty to myself. In 10 months, I have made more than 60 pictorial works, some of them large format, commissioned by private collectors and large companies.

    I'm more interested in painting than being an artist. I want to live... I am a person who lives through painting; who feels alive when she paints; I have a tremendous commitment to this work. It occupies me 24 hours a day. It wakes me up at night.

    It is the way through which I experience and perceive the world.

    I think I have developed the pictorial sense of the soul, which is transmitted through the skin to externalize that flow of all the emotions, life, passion... Just as my lungs use the air to keep me anchored to life, my hands use the paint to recreate it, feeling and living in every stroke. It's not that I want to turn something inert like painting into something alive, I don't want to give life to painting.

    It's not about making the painting live or making a painting looks alive, no!

    It is about transmitting, and feeling the creative process, it is about turning experiences into painting, of being in the work.

    If I do not paint, I die inside.

    The main objective of my work is to show the intimate connection that exists between nature and me. My position in natural creation, my being in the environment.

    I started my artistic career in 2006 with material and oils on a variety of media until today.

    I have divided my work into two collections.


    Valleys and landscapes

    I establish a dialogue between the different parts of the work and I ... the valleys remind me of a mother's breasts, material sustenance, the roots of being, childhood, family, creation, beginning...

    In my work I use the landscape as a starting point from the earthly, speaking from my memories, my most fragile and small self. You need that origin to grow.

    For me, the Sierra de Atapuerca is the space where my family has been taken form, where I have really developed my creative start, where I express my sensory and vital fullness on a daily basis.

    Where light and matter shape the existence and the landscapes give meaning to my soul

    And if I don't express myself, I lock it up inside.

    Ocean life

    My work and life take place in the Sierra de Atapuerca, but my heart and roots are Mediterranean. I reflect all of this in my work, making a call of love and respect towards our seas.

    I dive inside and swim in my own painting, leaving imprints, fingerprints and handprints on each work, capturing aspects of myself in each brushstroke in which I can recognize myself later, turning my own essence into my seas, making them mine.

    I look for the sunlight that sails to the bottom of the sea floor, the sun and the sea bathe me in that process ... I let myself be trapped by those sensations

    I touch the sun with my hands and spread it, I illuminate the painting from the inside ... and let myself go

    The bottom of the sea is my lap, my crib ... and from that surface, I see the light ... the transfer ... in an attempt to illuminate and extract my inner landscapes ...


    My Artistic Project

    I am focused on the development of oil painting and material art through large-format work to be able to express all the feeling and my creative need.

    My commitment and ability to work and concentration allow me to reach the fruit of production in the discipline and create a well focused project.

    At the moment, I am focused on the “oceans” and “valleys” projects but I have many more in the conceptual and artistic development phase.



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