Size: 80 x 80 cm

Technique: Oil painting


Artist: Jenny Wall


    Jenny Wall


    My name is Jenny Wall and I live in Gothenburg in Sweden. l'm an self-thought artist and I paint in oil. I love to paint big paintings where nothing can stop me or restrict me.

    l'm an sensitive spirit with a creative soul and I have had an urge to express my inner emotions in a creative way since I was a child.

    My paintings are abstract and I never know how a painting will end up. To paint for me is to be totally free, to let out my inner feelings, memories and thoughts that need to come out and be seen.

    This painting is about how it is to be a woman. All the pressure from around us how we should look, how we should be.

    lt's about to love yourself and your body and that you're beautiful just like you are. To accept that your body is amazing and you are amazing.



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