Amaryllis Flower Bouquet

Amaryllis Flower Bouquet

Title: Amaryllis Flower Bouquet

Material: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 40 x 50 cm

Date: December 2020

This Amaryllis Flower Bouquet was a birthday gift to my mother. I love Amaryllis Flowers shining in full splendor in white or red. They are very special, symbolizing grace and pride. It is said that the name goes back to greek mythology to a unhappy love story of the beautiful shepherdess Amaryllis…..A given amaryllis flower to a person conveys affection and admiration.


Artist: Ulrike Taucher


    Ulrike Taucher


    My name is Ulrike Taucher, I was born in the state Styria in Austria in 1959 and have lived in Vienna for more than 40 years. Painting and photography are my passion.

    As a painter I am a career changer, a newcomer as a self-taught artist. I started painting in August 2019 after finishing my commercial career. Since that moment I really began to fully concentrate on my passion to work creatively, painting has become part of my life.  My pictures are stories that life writes in all its colorful facets. I work in my art studio, where I immerse myself in the world of colors, fantasy, creativity to compose my pieces. I am constantly seeking for new ways of expression and love to use explosive colors. I find inexhaustible sources of inspiration in nature, on trips, among people and from artists, the great masters and their artwork.

    I prefer to paint with acrylics on linen and watercolors. My motivation is the intuitive and emotional expression with color. To connect with the heart and paint from within sets processes in motion that are sensual, powerful and touching. Being creative is a gift. I love to transform reality with my imagination and to bring out the essential and the emotion. Nothing offers more freedom than expressing one's thoughts, visions and emotions through art. It’s a kind of meditation. You can dive into another world, forget reality for a moment and focus on the positivity and joy of life which live in my paintings.


    Nov-Dec 2020:  Virtual Exhibition “Artnumber 23” Gallery UK, Athens , Open Art Contest with my artwork “Blue Night”

    Dec 2020 : Group Exhibition “Art AQUA” in Gallery “Public Artists” 1080 Vienna, Austria

    Jan-Jun 2021: Virtual Exhibition in “ARTBOX.GALLERY” in Zürich, Switzerland, Artbox.Project World 1.0 with 6 artworks and including presentation of 18 artworks on ARTSY world’s largest art platform – link:

    Feb 2021: Group Exhibition “Transformation” in Gallery “Public Artists” 1080 Vienna, Austria

    Publication:  Art calendar AGENDA 2021  Ulrike Taucher, published by ARTBOX.GROUPS GmbH Switzerland


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