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Amarnath Viswanath

Amarnath Viswanath


    Amarnath Viswanath

    Amarnath Viswanath is a German resident, born in India on 20 June 1941. After graduating with a B.Sc. Degree in Chemistry from the Univerity of Calcutta, India, he started his ceramic career working as a trainee in a ceramic insulator company in Germany. In 1968 he completed his studies at the Ceramic College in Germany with a degree in Ceramic Engineering.

    As a Ceramic Engineer, Amarnath joined a Color Manufacturer and developed colors and Coatings for ceramic products like Wall- and Floor Tiles, Sanitary wares and Dinnerwares. He has published several papers in the American Ceramic Bulletin on colors and Pigments and also presented his papers during various annual convention of the American Ceramic Society.

    Amarnath uses almost exclusively acrylic colors for his paintings. Although he started his painting with abstract images, he tends more and more towards landscape paintings. Most of the landscape images are remembrance of his time spent in USA. Color blue is his favorite color as can be seen in most of his paintings.

    Amarnath has exhibited his art in working group exhibitions including:

    The international Artists Organisations “IN3 Art World Wide“ exhibition in Tuscany Italy

    Artexpo New York

    Art San Diego

    Artfair Innsbruck, Austria

    Gallery Steiener in Vienna

    AMB in Berlin

    One of his painting is now at the Aspen Art Gallery, Aspen as a Donation to the boys and girls Scout at Denver.

    Amarnath is a member in the local art academy.


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