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Aline Pouget

Aline Pouget


    Aline Pouget


    Aline Pouget was born in France and from a very young age, her passion led her to create mesmerizing watercolor landscape paintings. Later Aline’s work focused on space and color. After some enriching time, she turned to painting, first using watercolors, then oil on canvas, which is still the technique she uses to date.


    Alines first wave of printing emphasizes her love for the wonders of nature symbolized through colorful and bright landscapes as well as navies.


    Aline's second wave of impressions allows her to translate and share all her emotions through the infinite shades of colors and the capture of the light that surrounds us.


    The third wave of Aline translates into its interest in cities that are metamorphosed throughout the day and time


    Her last wave depicts space and the meandering path of the cosmos. Her work reflects her passion for both colors and endless, infinite universe around us.


    Aline exposed to:


           MAD in Milan all year round 2018

           Art Shopping Deauville in March 2018

           Art Expo New York in April 2018

           Art Shopping Carousel du Louvre in Paris in May 2018

           Thuillier Gallery in Paris in September 2018


    Forecasts are, for the moment:


           PAKS gallery in Vienna all year round 2019

           Artefact Gallery in New York in October 2019

           Steiner Gallery in Vienna in April 2020


    Aline's works are also published in the following editions:


           Important Word Artist Volume 3, September 2018, from the World Wide Art Books Society of

    Santa Barbara

           Artist, December 2048, in the Master Of Today series of London's Word Of Art


    Awards :


           Award de Word Of Art Magazine London 2018




    "My happiness and my fulfillment are to share my passion, my love of life, the universe, the colors, the light and my multiple emotions with others through my work."


    Critical review by Alessia Perone (Art Curator)

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