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    Alessandra Deodati (born in Alatri-Italy in 1996) is a soon-to-be medical doctor and a self-taught contemporary artist who lives and studies in Rome. She spent her childhood in the small town of Morolo where she first fell in love with art and all its forms. Since she was very young, she became enamored with drawing and oil painting, which nourished a seemingly unlimited curiosity.


    During her teenage years, Alessandra became especially passionate in the science and art of the human body, which led her to enroll in the faculty of medicine and surgery in Rome, Italy.


    While in her first medical school years, she was captivated by anatomy as a tangible expression of art, in subsequent years of grueling study and repetition, her connection to the artistic world faded, and what was fervid and glorious was replaced by practicality and convenience.


    This changed in late 2019, when Alessandra realized a strong urge to overcome this cruel sense of pragmatism. It was then that she discovered and began to experiment with the technique of “pouring” art. This was a crucial point in her life: as a pleasant breath of fresh air, fluid art allowed her once again to explore the depths of her imagination. In fact, many years of monotonous concreteness gave voice to an explosion of colors and to an overwhelming rediscovery of her creativity. Whatever was being held back became an unstoppable flow.


    In an outburst of energy, she began to paint every day, and this gave rise to a new collection of artworks she calls “Rebirth”. Her paintings are characterized by vivid colors and flowery scenery, with a sense of wellbeing and blossoming transpiring through a “sculpture of color”. To Alessandra, fluid art represents the “embodiment of endless possibilities.”


    Recently, in the late 2020, her work was presented at the contemporary art exhibition “Tracce ed orme” organized by the art curator Loredana Trestin at Palazzo Saluzzo, Genova, at the online art exhibition Art Gadium and it is currently requested in other Italian galleries.



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