Agnieszka Kobylecka Kaminska

Agnieszka Kobylecka Kaminska

Agnieszka Kobylecka Kaminska


    Agnieszka Kobylecka Kaminska


    Born in Tarnów, Poland. A graduate of two courses at the following faculties of the University of the Arts in Poznan: Sculpture and Spatial Activity, as well as Intermedia. She executed her initial BA diploma at the studio of professor Sławomir Brzoska. She has defended her MA diploma from the Faculty of Sculpture in 2013 at the studio of professor Marcin Berdyszak, which was later presented during Maria Dokowicz's contest exhibition at the Arsenal Municipal Gallery.

    A   year   later   she   defended   her   MA   diploma,   with   distinctions,   at   the   faculty   of   Media

    Communication, under the guidance of professor Piotr Kurka. She deals with painting, drawing, sculpture,  ceramics,  photography,  and  animation.  In  2013  she  has  received  the  Hestia  Artistic Journey special award - an artistic scholarship in Valencia, for her 'Siewka' sculpture, and in 2014 won

    3rd  place  during  the  'Multiculturalism  doesn’t  work?'    International  Competition  for  her  'Haiku Iwama'  animation. She has broadened her current education by studying Computer graphics, as well as Interiors and design. In the second half of 2017 she established the SPACE MANUFACTURE studio with its main purpose being interior design but also creating a space integrated with art.  Agnieszka K.Kamińska actively creates art and apart that works as an interior designer. Her works were presented for example at the Wozownia Art Gallery in Toruń, Bielska BWA Gallery, Arsenał Municipal Gallery in Poznań, Krakow's Palace of Arts, and the Tossal Gallery in Valencia. She has participated in the Screen & Sound Festival, 6th Festival of Art Critics – Camera Action, and Short waves festival - Dances with camera.


    Art for Anieszka K. Kamińska constitutes a form of visualizing thoughts and observations, as well as presenting them in the form of messages with the use of two or three dimensional images. She believes that the content and context of a work are important. Together with a selected medium they create a form. The same topic presented with the use of different techniques and media will have a different meaning.

    Sculpture for the artist stands for durability, tangibility, and hapticity, while ceramics mean fragility

    and nobility comparable to that of human life. Painting is a peculiar king of poetry and an indirect presentation of ideas. Photography means evanescence and framing reality at a proper illumination. Animation stands for a sense of a story stretched across a few minutes of moving images.


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