Achillea - Serie “Plant Therapy” - 2020


Images created with large format 8x10" pinhole camera on black&white negatives. Negatives processed with environment friendly developer caffenol C made from coffee, washing soda and vitamin C. Film sheets were solarised during the development process.


Artist: Rima Virbauskaite


    Achillea - Serie “Plant Therapy” - 2020


    Rima Virbauskaite


    I am a photographer born in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    My more serious acquaintance with photography started at the Vilnius Design Training Center photography courses, where I was encouraged to start learning from an analog camera. That's what I did. I found an old Zenit camera used by my parents before and the path of experimentation began. I tried various accessories that I just managed to get for this old camera: macro rings, telephoto lens, fisheye lens, filters. Next, I was curious to try the 120 format film and it took me to the other step, to be more exact, two steps at once, medium format pinhole camera and black&white film developing. The 4x5" format was followed and later 8x10" format. I was and still am fascinated by long exposure and mystical, not realistic views obtained with the help of the pinhole camera.

    Now I am focused on fine art photography. Mostly work with large format pinhole camera - Harmon Titan 8x10", with film and direct positive paper. But experiments not over, I work with environment friendly developer caffenol C (coffee, soda and vitamin C), alternative print processes: oil print, lumen print, cyanotype, liquid emulsion, solarization, solargraphy and other creative ideas. One of them - black and white images coloring with natural dyes, such as saffron, blue butterfly pea flowers, weld, madder, onion skins, blueberries, hibiscus and etc.

    My images awarded and nominated in many international competitions, such us: International Photography Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris, Neutral Density Photography Awards, Moscow International Foto Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, Black&White Spider Awards, International Loupe Awards, Better Photography Awards and others.


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