A New Day

A New Day

A New Day (2020) - 51 x 41 cm acrylic and textured medium on stretched canvas


$350; “Each new day is the only one real day I have.”


Artist: Jason F Chance


    A New Day (2020) - 51 x 41 cm acrylic and textured medium on stretched canvas


    Jason F Chance

    Jason F Chance is a self-taught artist living in the Midwestern United States.

    Born in 1971, Jason’s childhood in south Florida heavily influences his work, as does his ability to hear and understand the stories of forgotten people, honed through years of listening and perfected through his early career as a Master’s level social worker. Jason’s second career as a forklift driver came to an abrupt end in 2017, when he suffered a debilitating knee injury, but this event also allowed him to re-discover his love of drawing and painting.


    As he practiced this newly rediscovered talent, a signature style emerged. The bright splashes of color in the backgrounds of most of his paintings reflect the idea that the portraits he paints are of people who have stepped out of the background of lives flashing by to make themselves known to him. He paints their stories to honor them, and to connect with others who may have similar stories.

    Since 2017, Jason has created approximately 120 paintings and some 100 drawings. This is his first exhibition.



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