A Burning Forest

A Burning Forest

A Burning Forest is a moving commentary on the pains of existence on Mother Earth. The film starts with celestial images, setting the scene of a story that explores life switching between shots entirely in black and white and some using colour. During certain images of fire, the only colour to be seen is the striking red of the flames, reinforcing the danger and strength of fire. The film uses stark, harsh images to accompany this emotional poem. It delves into the most dire side of human existence offering a brief moment of hope at the end. Based on the writings of Ilan Cohen. A Burning Forest is a production of Dark Matter Film Production, Australia. The film was completed in 2020 and retails at $29.99 on




Artist: Ilan Cohen


    Ilan Cohen


    Ilan Cohen is an Australian poet and owner/producer of Dark Matter Film & DM Media. Describing his films as Art films” Ilan is a prolific writer; author and producer of various films including the showcase; A Burning Forest at M.A.D.S. Milan 2021. Described by Lithuanian photographer and video producer Laisvė Paliulytė as a Visionary poetIlan continues to bring life to his films through script writing and films not for the faint hearted. Fashion, art, film, poetry Ilan brings life to art and art to life through his poetic stories expressed in film, art and fashion.

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