Title: 1482

Details: 24x36"
Technique: Acrylic, texture paste, iridescent paint
Year: 2021


Artistic Statement


1482 represents beginnings, the origin of things, the start of all things beautiful. 1482 is a measure of all things quantifiable – milliseconds, miles, light-years – no limitations. A visualisation of how the artist pictures the universe’s energy and its way of granting man’s deepest wishes. 1482 is a vision of the universe’s cosmic order and balance.


Artist: Valerie Harley


    Valerie Harley


    Valerie Harley is a Filipino multimedia creative based in Singapore. She completed her residency in Illustration and Storytelling at The School of Visual Arts, New York City. After years of being in the advertising, business, and arts management industry, she felt the need to serve the artist community better, and thus, she went back to her roots of just creating art.

    Her primary belief when creating art is honesty over relatability, and her art is mostly driven by music and intuition. She takes inspiration from forces of nature – the ocean, the universe, and all of their magic.

    She is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Arts and Cultural Leadership, while concurrently being the Brand and Marketing Director of a cultural centre in Singapore.



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